Jamie’s latest short film THE NEST starring Vicky McClure has just been selected for Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2017 and Tampere film festival 2017. To watch the trailer click here.
Jamie started making films in 2000. He was drawn to complex stories that were happening in and around his hometown of Swansea to do with violence and poverty. Straight out of film school he was commissioned by the BBC to make a documentary about a group of amateur boxers who were training for the British Boys championships. For most people boxing is seen as a brutal and violent sport, but Jamie wanted to explore the opportunities it afforded the impoverished boys. His first documentary ignited a theme often addressed throughout his films ¬ why poverty so often evokes violence.
His next documentary for the BBC focused on evangelical Christians who were working to get homeless drug addicts and alcoholics off the streets and into their Christian rehabilitation programme. Far from being another sensational film about a bunch of crazy evangelicals, it actually exposed the flaws in our own society by showing how desperate these people are that they were willing to embrace such an extreme ideology in the hope of salvation.
15 years later, and after winning numerous short film awards, shooting music videos, documentaries and commercials in London Jamie felt it was the right time to shoot his first feature. The story of OBEY re¬addresses the themes Jamie was so interested in when he started his film making career. It is a human story, exploring once again why poverty so often pushes people to extremes.